Delhi High Court May Resume Physical Hearings On Experimental Basis

The Delhi High Court recently announced (vide an office order) possibility of resumption of physical hearings in a restricted manner from August 16, on an experimental basis, subject to the pandemic situation. Further, virtual hearings are to continue for all urgent matters until August 13, 2021. All other pending routine/non-urgent matters listed before this Court between July 26, 2021 – August 13, 2021 stand adjourned en bloc, as per the schedule in the order.

The order be accessed here.

Intellectual Property Division Created Within Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has on July 7 created the Intellectual Property Division (“IPD”). The IPD will deal with original and appellate proceedings including writ petitions etc. for all Intellectual Property (“IP”) matters, except those to be dealt with by a Division Bench.  

All IP suits, revocation applications, cancellation applications, appeals from Registrar of Trade Marks, Copyright, Controller of Patents etc. which were earlier maintainable before the (now abolished) Intellectual Property Appellate Board will also be handled by the IPD.

Nomenclature and the court fees payable for the disputes to be handled by the IPD has also been notified.

Office orders in this regard are accessible here and here.

Amazon launches IP Accelerator Programme in India

E-commerce giant Amazon has launched its Intellectual Property Accelerator Programme in India to provide its sellers, access to services of IP experts and law firms. The sellers can choose to collaborate with experts and law firms to protect their IP and tackle infringement. IP Accelerator Programme was first launched in the US in 2019 and has expanded to Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico and now to India.  


Intellectual Property Division to be Created within Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has announced that an Intellectual Property Division (“IPD”) will be set up to deal with all Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) related matters. The stated objective behind such creation is to avoid multiplicity of proceedings, conflicting decisions and streamline the process of the manner in which IPR cases are to be dealt with. The Delhi High Court is also in the process of framing comprehensive rules for the IPD.

Access press release here.

Recorded Music Performance Limited Registered as a Copyright Society

Recorded Music Performance Limited (“RMPL”) has been registered as copyright society under section 33(3) of the Copyright Act, 1957 by the Registrar of Copyrights with effect from June 18, 2021. RMPL has been permitted to commence and carry on the copyright business in sound recording works.


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